Why shouldn’t children get a special welcome just like Mum & Dad? The Hôtels Barrière have designed a special programme to make their holiday truely unforgettable.
Diwi has been our mascotte for nearly 10 years. His name is pronounced Dit oui which means say yes; in fact, he’s the mascotte that promises never to say no to having fun and adventures in the Hôtels Barrière.

Diwi is blog-trotter, a real modern-day adventurer. Using his camera he posts pictures of his adventures on his school’s blog. During one of his numerous documentaries, Diwi comes across a mysterious parchment talking about an incredible treasure that was lost in a Barrière Hotel. He needs help to find the treasure… 
     - Diwi & Co Kids’ Club: heaps of unexpected fun
On arrival at the hotel, your children will be given a digital camera & the adventurer’s notebook to solve the puzzles and help Diwi find the hidden treasure. 
     - Diwi & Co Kids’ Club: unique experiences
The Diwi & Co Kids’ club was specially designed to offer 4 to 12 year-olds a great time. Amusing art & craft workshops based on e-adventuer themes, such as the parchment corner and the adventurer’s workshop.
Sport & cultural activities are also on offer, supervised by our monitors: tennis, riding, swimming pool, table tennis, films, outings, cookery lessons, creative workshops...
à And for the tiny tots: artist awareness, manual activities, games, stories, puzzles, colouring, songs & naps…
à And for the over 13 year-olds: a special area to meet up and chat, play around, create, invent… and so much more thanks to all the musical, cultural, sport & artistic activities available. 

  •       - Diwi & Co Kids’ Club: their very own restaurant
    A special childrens’ menu has been designed that includes all the food they love, based on their nutritional needs and using fresh, seasonal produce. 
         - Diwi & Co Kids’ Club: unforgettable souvenirs
    But the adventure is not completely over yet! Show your children how to log onto the DIWI & CO website where they can create their very own souvenir photo album of the holiday and print it out.
    The Infiniment Barrière bonuses: free photo album for Infiniment Barrière members’ children. The album is home-delivered and a wonderful souvenir for your childen to keep and remember their holiday forever.
    Where are the Diwi & Co Kids’ clubs?
     Deauville: the Nomandy Barrière & the Hôtel du Golf Barrière
     La Baule: the Hermitage Barrière & the Royal-Thalasso Barrière
     Marrakech: the Hôtel & Ryads Naoura Barrière
     Dinard: the Grand Hôtel Barrière
     Cannes: the Hôtel Majestic Barrière
    Please contact us for the Diwi & Co Kids’ club opening dates at our hotels.