Private hire of these exceptional areas possible

4 Halls

The Halls located on the Fouquet's 1st floor have unrivalled views of the Champs-Elysées & Avenue George V and were fully renovated this spring to provide maximum comfort with all the latest high-tech facilities. The decoration and exemplary service reflects French art de vivre at its best!


The Raimu hall
Capacity: 120 people
Size: 100 sqm

The Roger Nimier hall
Capacity: 60 people
Size: 60 sqm

The Raimu & Nimier hall
Capacity: 200 people
Size: 180 sqm

The Louis Delluc hall
Capacity: 20 people
Size: 25 sqm

The James Joyce hall
Capacity: 15 people
Size: 20 sqm

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