The U Spa Barrière Shiseido

The Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière is Paris’ leading luxury Spa hotel.

You’ll have a truly wonderful time at the Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière’s U Spa Barrière Shiseido. An invitation to unwind and get away from it all on the corner of the Champs-Élysées and Avenue George V. A wellbeing break in a haven of peace, a timeless experience!
Luxury settings, ideal for relaxation
Light coloured woodwork, bronze mosaics and filtered lighting create a soothing ambience; the ideal conditions for relaxation. The vast 750m² Spa is made up of 8 treatment rooms, one of the largest indoor pools in Paris, a hammam and a sauna. The unique water course is perfect to gently get back into shape, in addition to the sports available, such as our high-tech fitness facilities. We chose to place our trust a brand of reputed expertise: Shiseido.

The Shiseido world comes with 140 years of precious experience in Japanese treatments, as well as Omotenashi, which means sincere customer dedication.
Shiseido products are a unique sensual experience. The range was designed holistically and is made up of treatments combining fragrances with textures, for a moment of pure luxury.
The Shiseido philosophy will help you find wellbeing and peace of mind.

Qi Gong for beauty

The beauty of skin, body & mind comes from Qi balance.
The Qi is a holistic Asian concept combined with occidental massage techniques and is the vital energy that runs through our bodies.
The Qi is released into the Meridian system by pushing Tsubo pressure points which allow positive energy to flow freely again and produce a state of deep relaxation. When used with Shiseido face & body products applied by Shiseido beauticians, the Qi optimises the main active ingredients and doubles the lasting effects. Signs of fatigue disappear and you will feel totally relaxed. Rejuvenated, your skin is radiant and supple. The whole body feels lighter, posture has been corrected and muscles relieved of tension. 

The U Spa Barrière Shiseido also provides specific exercises & treatments for men, children, new mums and pregnant women, such as Eveil Bébé to learn how to calm & comfort your child through gestures and enjoy special times together.

U Spa’s Fitness hall

The Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière includes a 50m² fitness hall. Tread mats, elliptic-steppers, pedalos, multifunctional body training machines, rowers, exercise benches and weights... equipped with state-of-the-art machines and offering direct access to the pool and spa facilities to relax muscles after effort. Our coaches offer private, personalised lessons.

Free entry to all U Spa facilities during your stay at the hotel:
• 15 x 6 m pool, supervised by a qualified life guard
• A unique water course in Paris
• 2 Hammams
• 1 Sauna
• 8 treatment cubicles, including 1 for balneo-therapy
• 50 m² fitness hall
• A reputed team of coaches & wellbeing experts 

The U-shaped tuning fork, the instrument that sets the tone of the notes at the beginning of a piece of music, is our exceptional spa’s symbol, rebalancing mind & body.

Reservations: +33 (0)1 40 69 60 70.
The U Spa Barrière Shiseido team

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Useful Information

U Spa Barrière Shiseido
Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière
46 avenue George V
75008 Paris

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"Spabulous" moments in store at the unique Shiseido-branded spa in Paris. Your stay includes breakfast and well-being.

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