Sustainable Development 


 As a 21st Century establishment, the Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière is firmly committed to sustainable development.
Our Approach: Dignified Luxury®
Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière offers eco-friendly lifestyle choices throughout its guests’ stay.
The hotel initiated the concept of Dignified Luxury©. It reflects its true commitment to life-balance, to well-being, and to a new way of experiencing luxury whilst being respectful of the environment. 

" Your Experience "

• Pop Earth, the first ecofriendly champagne, created by the Pommery vineyard
• Charging station for the electric vehicles

• “Neocab” hybrid taxis on call 
• Electric bicycles available on request
• Waste sorting options within your room
• A selection of organic dishes on our restaurant menus
• Organic honey produced on the open-air roof terrace
• Towels and bathrobes, both in guests’ rooms and at the U Spa, made of Organic cotton, woven in France
�� Bills presented on Ipad upon departure


" What we do "

• Suppliers deliveries in reuseable containers

• Our supplier deliveries come in recyclable plastic crates
• Our partners commit to our ethics charter
• We sort waste and recycle all organic refuse
• We train staff to eco-friendly living
• All outdoor and indoor lighting uses LED lightbulbs
• We give priority to locally grown organic produce and fair trade products
• We actively support charities and take part in solidarity projects


Make My Reservation Carbon Neutral





Our commitment


Although the hotel is situated in an urban environment with limited access to wild places, the organization and its employees understand, respect, and actively work to protect the natural and cultural assets of our planet. Through our actions we are working to reduce our consumption of natural resources, limit the waste returned to the environment, reduce the intake and outflow of harmful chemicals, and make our guest aware of why we are doing this.

As a component of these efforts all those who enter the liability of the hotel are expected not to damage or impede upon the local and regional habitat. Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière will provide and teach all visitors to comply with a list of actions to, and not to, perform while under its direct supervision. The list will ensure for long-term protection of marine and terrestrial life forms located within our area. Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière believes that land utilized is not ours to destroy; rather it is our responsibility to protect and value. We recognize that the habitat and the ecosystem present around the hotel foster the ultimate viability of operation.


Our certifications


ISO 14001 for our environmental commitment and SA 8000 for our social responsibility.
Condé NastTraveler 2013 World Savers Awards - Preservation
Sustainable luxury, it’s about you, it’s about us.