Sustainable development

Sustainable Development 


Dignified Luxury® "Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière was built in the 21st century and is naturally taken position on the stakes on sustainable development. Our approach: offering eco-responsible solutions throughout your stay. We initiated the Dignified Luxury® concept. It is a desire for balance, wellbeing, to enjoy a luxury experience and remain in harmony with our environment. Sustainable luxury implies both you and us.
" Your Experience "

• Pop Earth, the first eco-citizen champagne from the House of Pommery
• Roadster Tesla electric recharge stations
• Hybrid taxis available
• A range of natural essence bath products
• Selective waste sorting
• A range of organic dishes à la carte in our restaurants
• Stay offers including carbon footprint compensation
• Presentation of your bill on an Ipad when you check out

" Our Actions "

• Suppliers deliveries in reuseable containers
• Our partners commit to our ethics charter
• Selective waste sorting and organic recycling
• Training staff on eco-citizen practices
• Rain water recuperation for garden watering
• LED light bulbs for exterior and interior lighting
• Preference for local produce from organic farming or fair trade
• Solidarity actions and association backing" Sustainable Development Report First French palace to obtain the 3 standards: ISO 9001 for service quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and SA 8000 for the protection of basic human rights of workers and children Leading Green The first hotel in Europe to obtain the Leading Green certification, named L.E.C.S (Luxury Eco Certification Standard) developed by the S.T.I. organisation (Sustainable Travel International)".


Make My Reservation Carbon Neutral




Our commitment


Although the hotel is situated in an urban environment with limited access to wild places, the organization and its employees understand, respect, and actively work to protect the natural and cultural assets of our planet. Through our actions we are working to reduce our consumption of natural resources, limit the waste returned to the environment, reduce the intake and outflow of harmful chemicals, and make our guest aware of why we are doing this.



As a component of these efforts all those who enter the liability of the hotel are expected not to damage or impede upon the local and regional habitat. Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière will provide and teach all visitors to comply with a list of actions to, and not to, perform while under its direct supervision. The list will ensure for long-term protection of marine and terrestrial life forms located within our area. Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière believes that land utilized is not ours to destroy; rather it is our responsibility to protect and value. We recognize that the habitat and the ecosystem present around the hotel foster the ultimate viability of operation.