Leisure & activities within the hotel

An exceptional address for a unique experience

A peaceful haven under the open sky

Time for some deep relaxation to rebalance body & mind!

Outdoor Pool

Lounge on a sun bed after a dip in the pool! Relax in the outdoor pool or on the terrace around it!

Diwi & co Kid's Club

The Diwi & Co Kids' Club caters for your children (4 to 12 year-olds). Free access.

Sports in the U SPA's fitness hall

The U Spa Barrière includes a fitness hall fitted with the latest in sports equipmenti (treadmill, bicycles, etc.).


Music evenings at the Nuphar Bar in Marrakech with unlimited cocktails & tapas!


Elegance, sophistication & Parisian glamour are all at Fouquet's Marrakech…


The pool restaurant for hotel guests only.

Spa For Kids (under 10 year-olds)

All the benefits of massages and other Spa treatments are no longer for adults only... why shouldn’t the youngsters enjoy the experience too?

Swimming lessons

Children can enjoy swimming lessons with our life guards during their stay at the hotel