The Diwi & Co kids' club 

Children are especially welcome at the Naoura Barrière and enjoy a 5 star welcome: gifts, toiletries special menus… Smaller children can attend the baby club whereas 4 to 12 year olds can enjoy the many activities on offer at the Diwi Club. From the moment of arrival, younger guests are given special attention with their very own welcome gift. In the room, they will find specially created bathroom amenities and, they also have their own breakfast menus and separate restaurant.
We at Lucien Barrière Hôtels & Casinos believe your children deserve the same personal service and hospitality as yourselves. As such, we have come up with a whole new range of unique benefits for children, including a new mascot, heaps of games and gifts, an educational play area run by qualified staff…all this for even more wonderful memories of their stay. To welcome Diwi the Adventurer, the Diwi club at the Naoura Barrière has been divided into various sections for activities, imitations, make-up workshops, films, a lounge, games and an outdoor play area.
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The Diwi Club was specially designed so that your children can fully enjoy their stay at the Naoura Barrière just like their parents. Two monitors take care of your children all day and offer them workshops and other activities based on Moroccan life.  Your children can go to the Club whenever they wish, for a few hours or the entire day.
A special theme day, based on the event of the moment, is held once a month.
Open every day from 9.00am to 6.30pm - Free
Lunch & baby sitting (extra charge).