Explore the souks of Marrakesh

Not to be missed, the visit to the souks of Marrakesh is a little adventure that will awaken all your senses. They are located in the Medina and are accessible from the Jaama el Fna square.
In a labyrinth of streets, alleyways and little squares, around 40 000 Moroccan artisans work and sell their creations and know-how here. Oriental slippers, leather purses, lamps, rugs, jewelry, djellabas and spices… It is quite difficult to restrain oneself from buying. However, you will need to handle the subtle art of bargaining, which dictates the relations between the traders and the clients in this place. Shrewdness and obstinacy, but more often than not joy and good humor! Give it a try during your visit to Marrakesh
An organized souk…
There are not one but many souks in Marrakesh. Indeed, souks were originally divided according to their specialty. Today, although this organization is nearly lost, the artisans are still regrouped according to their sector of activity.
Thus, the Zrabi souk dedicated to rugs can be found here. Rich in motifs and of quality finishing, their reputation is well established. The El Haddadine souk is the souk of blacksmiths, where one can unearth magnificent frames for mirrors. The Smata souk was dedicated to shoes, although today one can generally find leather goods such as bags or jackets.
So there are a multitude of souks in Marrakesh. You will undoubtedly find the one that will entice you to set off on a passionate discussion with the seller.

​Marrakesh Medina
Marrakesh, Morocco
The souks are generally open all day long, although at times with a small break between 12:00 and 2:00 pm. Some shops are closed on Fridays and holidays.