Take the pulse of the Jaama el Fna square

​As the geographic, cultural and social heart of Marrakesh, the Jaama el Fna square is also essential from the tourist point of view. Every day, thousands of visitors throng along this gigantic open-air stage, a few steps away from the Koutoubia Mosque. Fire-eaters, monkey tamers and snake charmers, musicians, storytellers, jugglers, fortune-tellers, water-carriers, hucksters… the lively Jaama el Fna square will certainly make an impression on you. It is not to be missed during your visit to Marrakesh!

UNESCO world heritage
It was thanks to the initiative undertaken by the Spanish writer Juan Gotysolo and a group of Moroccan intellectuals that in 2001, the UNESCO listed the Jaama el Fna square in the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
Lacking any interest from the architectural point of view, it is nonetheless one of a kind. It is both the popular and traditional activities, as well as its effervescence at any time of day or night, that make it such a special place. Besides the street artists, peasants come here to sell their crops, while the quacks and the marabouts (religious teachers) come to offer their services.
As for numerous mobile restaurants, they offer some Moroccan specialties. If the dromedary liver or sheep heads don’t appeal to you, it is always possible to taste other specialties such as the kofta brochettes or to quench your thirst with a freshly pressed orange juice.
To delight in the atmosphere of this set-back square, take a seat at one of the tables of the numerous bars or restaurants overlooking this colorful ballet, such as the Café de France.

​Place Djemaa El Fna
Free admission