Climbing, Trekking and Winter Sports

​There are skiing areas, high valleys for treks, climbing and trekking sites, rivers and lakes in the Atlas mountain region by Marrakech which offer the scenery that dreams are made of and experiences to treasure for life. Facilities and qualified staff available of course.

Climbing: specially equipped climbs at Armed village (levels 4 to 6c).

Tours, on foot, horseback or bike:
Several walks are available starting out from Marrakech and most head for the Toubkal Massif and the Nature Park’s magnificent scenery. This type of expedition (4 – 6 hours’ walk per day) is very popular with nature-lovers interested in the local culture as they come across little villages perched in the High Atlas valleys where walking takes on a whole new meaning due to the sheer scale and contact with nature and the locals.

Trekking: several rambling circuits of various levels are available in the high valleys. 2-day to 2-week trekking parties on pathways over 4,000 metres high to fully appreciate this enchanting mountain range.

Winter Sports: with the Okaimden ski resort, one of the most beautiful skiing domains in Africa, Marrakech offers tourists wonderful experiences even in winter.


Other activities available near the hotel

Marrakech offers a wide range of courses in the palm grove, facing the majestic landscape of the Atlas mountains.


Something for everyone: Surfing, Kite-surfing, Jet Ski and Canoeing