Hotel Barrière de Lille*****

​A spectacular and modern hotel at the bridge of Europe is an invitation to travel and explore.


Lille undisputedly deserves it’s reputation for Art and History. The town dates back a thousand years and boasts a rich and varied architectural, cultural and artistic heritage. As you stroll through the streets, you will see numerous architectural treasures from different periods and of all styles, including Flemish constructions (e.g. the old Stock Exchange), prestigious monuments and artistically influenced buildings. There is also so much culture to see in Lille including several museums that are well-worth a visit: Lille Palace of Fine Arts (2nd largest museum in France), the Hospice Comtesse Museum, which contains the town museum, or the LaM (Lille Métropole Museum) located just a few miles outside Lille, which is the only museum to combine modern, contemporary and outsider art so comprehensively