Hit the Planches de Deauville

During your stay at the Hotel Normandy Barrière de Deauville, and in addition to the famous Deauville Casino go for a walk on the Planches de Deauville. You can access the beach, have a refreshing drink on the terrace of a trendy cafe, or just tread those famous red ironwood planks. Just like the Casino, the Planches are known worldwide and associated with Deauville. They are a source of pride and joy for tourism in Deauville.
A promenade by the sea
Built in 1923, the Planches de Deauville were designed in exotic rot-proof wood that is more resistant to erosion. Architect Charles Adda’s idea was very gallant; it was intended to protect ladies and girls from wetting their feet and soiling their rich dresses while strolling on the beach. It was a successful bet: they have ever since added to the charm of this seaside town. The place was already very fashionable in the Roaring Twenties.
Bathing in the sea
If you fancy a dive into the English Channel, cabins named after famous peopleoffer shelter to get changed. You will thus know who’s been there before you. The 2 152 feet long pontoon bridge has witnessed the footsteps of Jean Gabin, Sacha Guitry, Claude Lelouch and many others. If you have the opportunity to visit Deauville in September, the Planches go on screen with the American Film Festival; it’s an opportunity to meet stars of the Seventh Art from around the world...
Enjoy the large stretches of sand from the Marina to the limits of Deauville. Just recently, the Planches were extended to Tourgéville. Savor the pleasure of lunch at le Ciro's, a restaurant on the Planches facing the horizon, for a gourmet break in Norman style...
Les Planches de Deauville
Avenue du Port - 14800 Deauville