26/04. Show - Maxime Le Forestier

​Forty years have passed since Maxime Le Forestier’s first album Mon frère was released. Now he’s back on the road, guitar in hand to present his 15th album named Le Cadeau.

All of his albums tell stories corresponding to various chapter of his life.

His remarkable talent has always made his songs sound like standards immediately.

His timeless songs are a patchwork of intimate confessions & concerns expressing love that heals everything.

Lyrics imbued with double entendre and passion...
The singer is not at all straight forward, as he himself sings, and every concert he performs is a precious gift.

In partnership with the Deauville International Congress Centre
Offer includes:
• Concert ticket
• A free flute of Champagne the day of the concert at the Barrière Casino
€41 2nd category
€47 1st category
The Casino is for adults and non-prohibited players only, entry subject to valid ID.

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