The Deauville J'adore dinner show - Season 2

Just like good old music hall shows, the Deauville J'adore revue takes to the Ambassadeurs Hall stage with 20 scenes celebrating women & seduction.

Master of ceremonies, dancers & performers all together for a lively, colourful show in immaculate settings. Deliciously revealing costumes, feather head dresses, a sensual Latin & tango ambience, Hollywood legends recalled & naughty bunnies are all included in perfectly executed numbers. The audience is riveted to the end... It’s time for an artistic break with two attractions - a visual and an aerial number that will set your pulses racing!  Les regards se lèvent, l'émotion surgit... C'est le moment d'une respiration poétique avec deux attractions. Numéro visuel puis aérien, c'est le grand frisson !
There’s no mistake, we all love Deauville!
2014 programme  - 8.00pm
• January 2014:       Saturday 11th
• February 2014:       Saturday 8th & 22nd
             March 2014:          Sunday 2nd (12.00pm) & Saturday 15th
• April 2014:          Saturday 5th & Sunday 27th (12.00pm)
• May 2014:            Saturday 3rd & 24th
• June 2014:           Saturday 7th & 21st
• July 2014:        Saturday 5th
• August 2014:          Saturday 9th
• September 2014: Saturday 27th
• October 2014:    Saturday 4th & 25th
• November 2014: Saturday 1st & 15th
                          & Sunday 16th (12.00pm)
• December 2014: Saturday 6th & 13th
                          & Sunday 14th (12.00pm)
 *The programme may be altered during the year.
Dinner show at the Ambassadeurs Hall
Traditional flute of brut champagne
Slice of marbled foie gras & Armagnac flavoured prunes
Onion chutney & bread crisps
Thick veal steak with Morel mushroom gratin
Maracujà passion fruit, cocoa sauce
€65 (drinks included):
Still & sparkling mineral water,
1/2 bottle wine per person
The casino is for adults & non-prohibited players only, valid ID required.
Gaming involves risks including addiction, solitude...Help line 09 74 75 13 13 (Standard rate call)
Abuse of alcohol is dangerous, please drink with moderation.

Contact the Espace Club at the Casino Barrière de Deauville:
• +33 (0)2 31 98 66 00