Cook Master Barrière 2013

Cook Master Barrière 2013


Lucien Barrière Hôtels et Casinos’ Facebook fans posted their recipes between 3rd September & 30th October 2013 to enter the Cook Master Barrière 2013 final. Over 1,300 internet users entered… and only 3 candidates were chosen for the grand final at Fouquet’s, 18th November 2013.


For 3 intense hours of suspense the talented finalists made the final a unique, gourmet event.


This year the jury included Luana Belmondo (Bienvenue chez Luana presenter on Cuisine+), Abdel Alaoui (culinary columnist & cook on C à vous on France 5), Christophe Adam (the club des sucrés founder and Eclair de génie designer) and Chefs: Claude Ducrozet (pastry chef at Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière, Paris), Eric Mignard (Michelin-star chef at the Castel Marie-Louise, La Baule), Michaël Durieux (pastry chef at Hôtel Majestic Barrière, Cannes) and Anthony Le Rhun (2012’s winner).


The jury chose the 2nd year’s winning dessert after intense deliberation:
Marta’s Treasure.


Created by Barbara de Labriffe, Marta’s Treasure conceals a host of surprises. Inside a dark chocolate ball there is a vanilla & calvados chestnut cream, covered with vanilla whipped cream & praline slivers. And at the top, a dark chocolate cake filled with praline sauce and rolled in golden praline slivers.


Try out Marta’s Treasure at Fouquet’s Paris from 30th November, and on our restaurant menus from 21st December.





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