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Visit the region’s wine cellars

The combined treasures from Provence and the Mediterranean make up the wide range and flavours of local Riviera produce.
Visit the Riviera’s wine cellars and vineyards reputed for their quality and wine-producing tradition.
•         The Domaine de l'Abbaye de Lérins has been around since the Middle Ages and is kept alive today by five Monks. The amazing vintages produced here are recognised by the best Michelin-star chefs and the wines’ reputation has spread abroad thanks to very strict vine selection.
•          Château du Galoupet has been a listed vintage since 1955. Well worth a visit to sample some of these exceptional wines.
•          Domaine de Toasc, located in Bellet, a controlled wine-producing region, has been A.O.C approved since 1941. The vines grow on the restanques walls, benefiting from the excellent pebble-soil and windy-exposure.
•          The Château de Cremat, built over a century ago on Crémat Hill is located between the mountains and the sea, overlooking the Var valley.
•          Château Sainte Marguerite, is a listed Côtes de Provence vintage grown at Londe Les Maures.
•          Château de Bellet, is an AOC wine grown around Nice, the only AOC-approved urban vineyards spread around the town.

As well as all these famous Provencal vineyards.


Other activities available near the hotel

Accessible directly from la Croisette, both of these luxurious buildings with majestic decor welcome you with halls even more incredible to enjoy all the joys of gaming.


There are approximately 1300 sqm of luxury stores in the new wing of the Majestic. Only for our custommers and for the people of Cannes' pleasure during their shopping afternoon on one of the most beautiful avenue of the world.