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La Croisette

​The large boulevard that runs alongside Cannes harbour became National Heritage in 2001; la Croisette is the old coastal road which used to be called le chemin de la petite croix (little cross lane).
Nowadays it is full of luxury hotels, like the Majestic Barrière as well as designer boutiques such as Chanel and Dior...

And just as a legend should, the Croisette will delight you day and night.

Other activities available near the hotel

Accessible directly from la Croisette, both of these luxurious buildings with majestic decor welcome you with halls even more incredible to enjoy all the joys of gaming.


There are approximately 1300 sqm of luxury stores in the new wing of the Majestic. Only for our custommers and for the people of Cannes' pleasure during their shopping afternoon on one of the most beautiful avenue of the world.