Discover Marineland in Antibes

​If you stay at the Hotel Gray d'Albion in Cannes, with or without children, take an afternoon off to visit Espace Marineland. You can enjoy a pleasant moment at this gigantic aquatic zoo, located just a twenty-minute drive from Cannes. This is the largest marine animal exhibition park in Europe! A short walk away from the village of Biot, famous for its glasswork, Marineland is a source of wonder for children as well as adults...

Marineland, a unique show in Europe
At Espace Marineland, you can watch various shows or animal feeding times throughout the day. The training of killer whales, the dolphins’ humor and tenderness, the playful sea-lions, the penguins in the new ‘Antartica world’, the seabed tropical fish... and the shark tunnel are all magical and impressive moments. Go greet the polar bears in their cooled cave. They are protected in Marineland in order to maintain and ensure the reproduction of their species.
Evening shows are held throughout the summer to plunge you into the enchanting world of cetaceans. Book in advance if you want to get near the dolphins, sea lions, sharks (in a safe area) and killer whales for special moments. Enter their daily lives in the company of trainers. And you can even dine with killer whales!
A fabulous Naval museum is also found inside the park. It features ship models and old navigational instruments.
A unique world full of excitement and surprises awaits you...
306 Avenue Mozart - 06600 Antibes
Fees: Adults 38€ / Free admission for children under 3 / Older than three 30€ /
Students 34€ / Seniors 34€ / Large families: Adults 34€ and children 24€
Handicapped adults 34€ / Handicapped children 24€ – Reductions all year long
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