Sustainable Development 

A sustainable commitment respecting human rights 
The Hôtel Gray d’Albion has been committed to sustainable development policies for several years now, and recently HR management introduced the SA 8000 standard in the hotel.
Our staff’s efforts were recently recognised as one of the winners of the Trophée RSE (Corporate Social Responsibility Trophy) for Alpes Maritimes (a French county). “For us, this award is not a goal in itself, but prompts us to do more to achieve sustainable development”, proclaimed François Portiglia, the Hôtel Gray d’Albion’s General Manager, during the award ceremony at the DEVCOM meeting in Sophia Antipolis.
Our Cannes hotel came in just behind the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which was awarded first prize. The hotel’s pragmatic approach appealed to the jury, who were made up of various SKEMA business school associations. Several internal and external actions that the hotel carried out tipped the balance, such as setting up bee hives on the hotel roof, promoting eco-designers working with recycled materials, designing an ecological green room that totally encompasses innovative fittings such as a window with an integrated thermal bridge.
There are many other initiatives including the Gray d’Albion’s partnership with IDTGV, the Croix des Gardes reforestation nick-named the Green Lung of Cannes, the hotel’s charter for the disabled, and the disappearance of paper hotel bills, which are now replaced via an iPad.