Jane's Bar

Give our chef barmen carte blanche if you are curious and enjoy a good conversation. In addition to new sensations in your glass (consume in moderation), you may discover the origin of the hotel's name (Gray d’Albion) which was intended to attract the first British “tourists” who came to the French Riviera. At the end of the Middle Ages, this was how the French named the English coast and white cliffs. The white coast (alba, in Latin) was already mentioned before becoming Albion in common speech. As for Gray, it simply sounds so British, and comes from the French word "craie" which means chalk, from the white cliffs. Rudementary, my dear Gray d’Albion. So, have a great time learning from our barmen!
Why are we doing this? Because Jane's Bar is a place for chatting with friends and making new acquaintences, just like the Croisette has been for over 80 years. In these cosy settings that combine leather sofas and velvets hangings, nothing is outdated. On Thursdays and Fridays, from 6.00pm, DJ lounge music contributes to this atmosphere that recalls roots and gives wings.​
​Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 99 79 79

Useful Information

Open hours: 11.30am to 00.30am